this is a site where members post pictures and information about their cars. Why? well why not. Its like Chat. some is genuine, but most is a place were people can make up some serious rubbish about their Honda Civic or whatever. But its a good laugh. gives you a chance to read some of the claims people come up with. Honda Civic with 0-60time of under 4 seconds? how about a 16year old school girl in a Lotus which, when you see, has had more money than any student could possible afford, rich or not, spent on it. Turns out she was exposed anyway cause she made the mistake of taking her pics of the web. But as i said, some is genuine stuff, and makes interesting viewing.

The whole site is basically one big gallery, but they do have a shopping area where you can buy parts for your car (as long as it is a Honda, bit like Autozone really). You can rate each car on various areas such as sound/video, exterior looks etc, and leave comments in peoples guestbooks, which, as is the case with all un moderated guestbooks, is used mainly to spam.

It is a complete site though, i will give it that. doesnt matter what car you have, theres a section for it, unlike a lot of car sites that only really deal with Hondas and Mitsubishi. A lot of very nice looking cars on there, but also a lot of standard cars or cars with very little done, but the whole point of the site is to show off you "baby" who says your baby has to be heavily modified. could just be a good solid landrover thats taken you everywhere for years without problem.

They also have a seperate site along the same lines called, which concentrates on car stereo systems, for those who like some loud music. Both sites are a great source for inspiration on your next project, or just to laugh at what some people call "my pimped out ride" comprising of a Chevy Lumina on 22inch chrome wheels!

Overall its a good little site, very good idea. Layed out well. Does use pop-up advertising, which is annoying, cant understand why sites use that, do they still believe people actually make note of them? I joined up, a while ago, but forgot about it. It uses thumbnail pictures so loads fairly fast no matter howm any pictures users have up.

I give it 6 out of 10 score. loses points for pop up advertisements and not being moderated