Club Lint

Ok, i admit, i know the people that own and run this site, but hey, dont like them well enough to be nice to them :op

This site took off like a rocket. I remember the short time ago, getting emails from them, asking about PHP and all that fun stuff that comes with setting up forums. Much confusion, but seems they got the hang of it pretty quickly and managed to produce something which although is not new on the web, is rare in the fact it is not specific.

Its mainly a Forum. They have started adding other sections to the site, but its main area is the Forum, where users can join and talk about anything. Most forums you see are specific to whatever the site is about. Be it computer games, cars, programming whatever, and its not often you find one that you can just go bitch about something in, or seek professional advise on those important life issues. (although if you know them like i do, you might think twice :oP)

It started as a place where people from chat could go. To escape the crap that often comes with chat and so forth. But has since turned into its own little community. They just hit 300 new members which is pretty good considering its not mainstreemed or sponsored. Most people know each other, but a lot of people who dont know anyone else use it now. you can talk about anything, and its not serious. It IS MODERATED, which is a good thing. you wont find spam, porn or any of that crap that comes with unmoderated forums. It is moderated by its users as well as the admin themselves, who are active members too, not just administration. Because of the way the moderators are, and the whole point behind the forum, you are free to voice your opinions and wont be discriminated against because the moderator may not like your post, or not agree with it, unless you break the rules, in which case, well your fault. You may get attacked by other members, but thats the whole point. You are as free as them to say whats on your mind.

The site itself is fairly well layed out, considering the knowledge they had to start. Good use of PHP scripting and you dont come across errors or anything like that, which you often find with non professional sites. Navigation is good, although they did just change the homepage and personally i think the old one was better, but hey, who listens to me anyway.

On the subject of scripting, another thing which is not so much important to the average user, but worth mentioning is they havnt claimed any of the scripting themselves. All copyright notices etc are still intact in the source code. too many people delete that, in the hopes of fooling people into thinking they wrote it themselves or think its bad that they had to have someone else write it.. So that scores points in my book alone. This site uses many scripts written by other people, theres nothing wrong with it.

However looking at the source code, it would be an idea to maybe use a CSS style sheet instead of trying to put it all in each page, just a suggestion folks ;) makes its a little neater, and much easier for you to change layouts. but that might be the forum script doing that.

The whole thing is based on the phpBB script, which is a well known, and respected forum script, and a good base for any forum, and they have really taken advantage of all its potential, and changed it to suit their own needs and wants, instead of just leaving it the standard format, which everyone used, but yet kept within the copyright laws and so forth. Although i think they are reaching the limitations of it now. but should have enough experience to expand on their own.

Overall, i give it 9 out of 10. mainly because its a good idea, and has worked well. Its obviously well maintained and not just left to fend for itself. interactive, and fun. Loses points on the fact, if i gave them a higer score, their heads would get to big :op. so you all need to go sign up, and make me look good :o)